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Come Join the 2014 Halloween Goodie Swap!

Aug 24 2014


Last year’s Halloween Swap was a big hit. We’re doing it again this year, but we’re keeping it all within our Halloween Goodie Swap Facebook Group, to make it easier to keep in contact with everybody.

Last year a few people didn’t get a package in return, because their partner never sent them one. That sucks, and we’re making sure that doesn’t happen this year by having everyone get a tracking number when they ship their package.

How the Swap Works

The rules changed a little this year — if you want to participate, you’ll need to join the FB group. From there, you can pick your own partner or ask who still needs a partner. You can have more than one partner if you’d like. You’ll have to send each partner their own package, but you’ll get double the goodies in return!

The swap will go for 7 days leading up to October 31st. Each day, you’ll open an individual (small) package marked day 1, day 2, day 3 and so on. Each day’s goodie has a theme. This year, the themes are:

Day 1 – Something “creepy crawly” or gross.
Day 2 – Something old OR something glittery.
Day 3 – Something involving your partner’s favorite scent.
Day 4 – Something handmade (by you or someone else).
Day 5 – Something Halloween-themed involving your partner’s favorite color.
Day 6 – Something Halloween-themed that you can wear.
Day 7 – Your partner’s favorite candy or baked item.

Hopefully everyone who wants to participate will have a partner by September 15th, which gives you plenty of time to gather the goodies, wrap and label them, and ship them out (in one box that holds all of them). You partner would then open each one on the appropriate day, and instagram/tweet/blog/facebook pictures of the goodies you sent them.

This is a lot of fun to do, and we’ve already started pairing up on the FB page. If you think you might want to participate, please read the necessary rules and guidelines to find out all details before joining the group. We need to make sure it’s completely safe and fair for everyone!

I’m putting this out nice and early so we can get as many people to participate as possible. The more the merrier! Come check out the Group Page.


Angie’s Fashion and Beauty Wishlist – Unintentionally 90’s

Aug 23 2014

I just realized I’m a “90’s kid” cliche…



  • Spice Girls Jersey!!! from So You Think You Can Hot – I watched “Spice World” last week with my cousin, and it took me back! Ah, 1997…
  • Daisy chain choker from LaaLoo – This is pretty 90’s too, isn’t it? The daisy thing was huge back then, and daisies are still my favorite flower.



  • Guatemalan recycled rainbow bag – These designs are so pretty and cute! What really sold me on these are where my money would go for purchasing them… “Handcrafted by CreArte, an organization dedicated to improving the living conditions of small Guatemalan handicraft producers. CreArte works with organized producers and local fair trade organizations to foster sustainable development and an equitable distribution of income and opportunities.”
  • Guatemalan recycled rainbow cosmetic bag – Go to Global Girlfriend for more info!


  • Pandora lipstick by Impulse Cosmetics – “Our lipsticks are creamy and moisturizing while giving you that opaque finish you crave in one swipe!” I really want to try a whole bunch of them, but in due time. I love berry colors like this one.
  • Naked2 Basics Palette from Urban Decay – I learned about this from Kandee Johnson’s review. I used a Naked palette (the first one) and I know the quality of these are superb. I want to try to do my eyebrows up a better way, namely with the two darker shades.

My First eBook! The Creative Blog Content Guide + Printable Workbook

Aug 18 2014

The Creative Blog Content Guide EbookThe Creative Blog Content Workbook (to be used with the The Creative Blog Content Guide Ebook!)

Thank goodness for the lull in my work load these past few months (never thought I’d say that), or I wouldn’t have had the time or energy to write this.

This ebook is +23,000 words, 11 Chapters (not counting the intro and outro) and is chock full of ideas for brainstorming and creating engaging and original blog content. There’s also a free workbook to help you with the activities that the ebook walks you through, so don’t forget to download that, too!

I’m selling it through PayHip, which is a new website connected to PayPal. It supports all of the ebook file formats, and it’s very inexpensive to use. They only take 5% of the sale, and only when it sells. You can easily set up coupon codes, too!

I’m offering a coupon code that knocks 30% off of the price (originally $10, so it goes down to $7) until October 1st, if you subscribe to my email updates over on my business website. You’d get the weekly newsletter — “The Honeycomb Journal”, the free email course — “The 7 Day Social Media Helper Course”, along with the 30% off coupon code. Lots of goodies for my subscribers!

If you’d rather, I’m also offering a 25% off social sharing discount, which becomes available to you if you share the link to the ebook on Twitter or Facebook. Just click the link down below to go to the product page, and click on the button to the right of the page that says “Share to get 25% off”.

Click here to buy The Creative Blog Content Guide and share for 25% off, or click here to subscribe to the Buzz Copy email updates and get your 30% off coupon code!

Friday Favorites – Sad Viewings of Funny Movies and Winged Eyeliner

Aug 15 2014

friday favorites

This week was kind of nuts, in a lot of ways. A real roller coaster. A few awful things happened, but many things came to light. This week was a bunch of “the truth comes out!” moments, or things that truly need our attention. Some things were also kind of awesome and helped to make things brighter. The highlights:

Thing to Share

via BlazePress

Thing to Listen To

My friend Liza’s acoustic version of “She Keeps Me Warm”. Beautifully done.

Thing to Read

★ The bloggers featured at In The Next 30 Days – Anna creates a new post for each blogger, each day of this month. I was featured on day 12. Thanks, Anna!

Thing to Look At

Make art, make love, make out, make $
★ Make art, make love, make out, make $ via stonedbabygirl.

Thing to Watch

Jumanji, Monday night, after the sad news of Robin Williams’s death. I’m sure many of us have been watching our favorite Robin Williams movies this past week in our own little way of paying tribute. This should really be a wake up call to many people about how depression should be treated.

Thing to Make

★ Taking double exposure photographs with the Vignette photo app.


Thing to Wear

★ Winged eyeliner! I’m still perfecting my technique, and experimenting with colors.


Thing to Ponder

★ In reference to all the terrible things going on, most recently the shooting and police brutality in Ferguson, MO.

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